How Can I Protect my Truck Cab?

Most people who purchase pickup trucks do so because they have a need to haul large or heavy items on a regular basis either for their work or for recreational purposes. And while these vehicles are designed for just this type of job, if items shift and move around inside the truck bed while they are being transported, the result can be damage to the truck cab and sometimes even injury to those inside.

It is important to remember that cargo inside pickup trucks can shift even if it has been tied down. This is especially true if the driver has to stop or swerve suddenly to avoid an accident.

Over the years, there have been many innovations for protecting truck cabs, but one of the most widely utilized is the truck rack, a.k.a. headache rack. This is a metal frame which can be placed in front of the rear cab window and to which items being transported in the truck bed can be secured.

Truck racks are designed to prevent cargo from moving – and even if the cargo does move a little bit, the rack is meant to prevent cargo from breaking through the rear cab window or causing other damage.

What kind of truck rack is best for protecting my truck cab?

The answer to this question is going to vary depending on how you use your truck and what kind of cargo you typically haul. For most truck owners, the classic BACKRACK™  cab guard does an excellent job of keeping cargo securely in place while protecting your cab.

For those who typically haul more heavy duty items, the BACKRACK™  Safety Rack may be a better option as it gives fuller coverage to the rear cab window by utilizing a 3/16” cold rolled wire screen. The BACKRACK™ Safety Rack is designed to provide the ultimate protection without compromising your visibility.

If you would like to get even more specialized, BACKRACK offers a number of accessories to help you completely customize your vehicle to be suited to the items you haul on a regular basis. Accessories include the BACKRACK tool rack as well as side rails and rear bar.

Securing your cargo

Of course, even with BACKRACK products to help you protect your truck cab, it is still essential that items in your truck bed are properly secured to your truck rack. For larger items, it is best if they are secured at a minimum of three points using the correct ratchet straps or bungee cords.

Smaller items should be secured either in some type of container such as a toolbox or under a Tonneau cover, or with an accessory such as the BACKRACK Tool Rack.

If you would like to ensure that your truck cab is well-protected no matter what type of items you are transporting, consider installing a BACKRACK truck rack or safety rack on your vehicle today. A member of our team would be happy to help you decide what BACKRACK™ products will be best for you.