What Are the Best Truck Accessories?

If you drive a pick-up truck, you are no doubt well aware of the many accessories that are available for purchase that you can use to enhance your vehicle. The best truck accessories for you will depend on how you use your truck. Is it primarily a work vehicle? What kinds of items do you haul in your truck bed? Do you also use your truck for towing?

While not a definitive list, here are a few of our top truck accessories:

BACKRACK™ Truck Racks

Let’s get this one on the table first since you know it’s going to be on our list! If you are going to be transporting large or heavy items in your truck bed, having them properly secured is important both for protecting your vehicle and ensuring that items do not pose safety hazards. While there are many truck racks available on the market, you won’t find a studier or more stylish one than BACKRACK. The Backrack safety rack is available is several different styles and comes with many customization options so you get the configuration that is best for you.


When transporting smaller items such as hand tools, it doesn’t make sense to secure them to a truck rack, and yet they still need to be contained. Pick-up truck toolboxes are often the ideal solution for keeping your tools safe and organized. And with the BACKRACK toolbox adapter kit, you’ll still be able to install your Backrack truck rack over your toolbox.

Tonneau Covers

If you will frequently be transporting more or larger items than a toolbox would be able to handle, then you may want to consider a Tonneau cover instead. A Tonneau cover will cover your entire truck bed and will not only help to safely transport items, but it will protect them from weather and theft as well. As is the case with toolboxes, Backrack also makes an adapter that will allow you to install your Backrack truck rack along with your Tonneau cover.

Towing Hitches

If you use your vehicle for towing a boat, camper, trailer etc. then you are going to require a good, sturdy hitch. There are many types of towing hitches that are available depending on your specific needs. These include goosenecks, ball mounts and 5th wheel, and weight distribution hitches. The right hitch for you will depend on the weight capacity of your vehicle and the type of trailer that you are planning to tow.

Siderails and Rear Bars

If you are planning to haul longer or more awkward items in your truck bed, then you may want to consider installing siderails or rear bars onto your pickup truck. These accessories provide you with extra tie down points for large and heavy items. They can also be used to longer items elevated off your vehicle so that your truck doesn’t get dented or scratched by the items that you are transporting.

To learn more about BACKRACK truck racks or any of the pickup truck accessories that we carry, contact us today.